"The Chronicles of the Ntu Empire" is a tale about a secular empire on the continent named Katiopa. Story unfolds in ancient times, those of the great epic legends, mythological creatures, great battles and impregnable fortresses. The whole empire is about to be upset by the will of young princes from the aristocracy, "The Four". They will make a Coup against the emperor with the help of external forces.
In that troubled time, a young female warrior, named Nehesha, will be distinguished by her courage but above all by a kind of divine predestination leading her from her father's house to the head of the empire through battles by the sword but also by the spirit, that she will lead against the external and internal enemies of the empire, her family and her own being.

Ebook avalaible on (kindle) and
Paper book available from november 2018 on the two website.



Né en 1979 à Kinshasa, république du Zaïre actuelle Congo-Kinshasa, Momi vit actuellement en Belgique, est marié, père de famille, activiste panafricain et acteur socio-culturel. Il est aussi l’auteur de la saga de science fiction afro d'anticipation en sept livres: Kemetos, le Nouveau Paradigme.

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